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Should You Raffle Your Personal Car?

Have you ever bought raffle tickets for anything? I have bought raffle tickets for a few things in my life, but they have all been legal raffles. One recent trend it seems is people trying to illegally raffle their cars. You might see it online as people list them as “waffles” to get around the online censorship and authorities getting wind of it. I understand the thought behind it as some of these cars and parts are high dollar. As someone with a car for sale, and it’s not exactly cheap, the thought of running it as a raffle or online auction has crossed my mind.

Rather than have to deal with who has what number on a list, collecting money through a service like PayPal, and not get caught running an online raffle, I’ve looked at the services available online that could run a raffle. These are what I’ve found:

Raffall: The site is a little vague to costs, but what I can find is that you can set your own ticket price, number of tickets available, and raffle whatever you want. Their blog mentions that they sell ads, which help pay the site costs. This site may offer the perfect legal option to raffle a car. It lists that it is supported by Facebook and Google, so I would assume you can advertise it as a raffle on social media without risk of getting caught.

Raffle Creator: This site has three options depending how many tickets you want to sell, how you want to advertise it, and if you want to sell paper and/or online tickets. Beyond the potential cost of the raffle package, you will need a processor for credit card purchases. They recommend stripe which only charges 2.9% and $0.30 per transaction. You’ll have to decide if that’s a good option for your car raffle.

Beyond these two sites, I couldn’t find much. Everything seems very geared to non-profit organizations, which may be part of the problem. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of options for regular people. Beyond the raffle, there are also auction sites like Bring a Trailer, eBay Motors, etc. eBay is just $55 for the basic auction with a reserve, no matter the price at the end. Bring a Trailer is $99 for an auction, but the criteria to get your vehicle on there is pretty steep. They are very selective of what does and doesn’t make it on the site, so it may or may not work out. I’ve felt eBay has been at the bottom of the price list and features for a while, so it may cost less but bring in less interested buyers.

Maybe if the widebody doesn’t sell in a couple more months, it will hit one of the auction sites. I’m not really interested in a raffle for it. I am skeptical that it would make the criteria for Bring a Trailer after seeing everything listed on there, but I may find out the hard way. Until next time…

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