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Preparing our Mahindra Tractor for the 250 Hour Service

One of the ways we save money on our farm is to do as much of the service and maintenance on our equipment as possible. That includes our generator, our solar power equipment, vehicles, our ATV, and our Mahindra Tractor. Thankfully it doesn’t take a lot of specialized tools to service most pieces of equipment on the farm either. Our Mahindra 2540L tractor is about ready to be put back in service as Spring 2021 nears, so right now I’m looking at what it needs per the Mahindra owner’s manual before we start farm duties.

Our tractor was bought new from a local Mahindra dealer, so up to this point I know the maintenance has been done per the owner’s manual, and it has lasted through the 5-year warranty it came with. That means the rest is all on us to keep it running smoothly. We just passed the 250 hours mark recently, so I grabbed my owner’s manual to look at what it says needs to be inspected and replaced.

At the 250 hours mark it needs:

· Engine oil changed (should have been done around 200 hours)

· Inspect the air filter

· Replace the fuel filter (every 12 months)

· Inspect the battery

· Change the oil filter (when you complete the oil change)

· Check the coolant level

· Inspect for loose fasteners and clamps

· Grease the front wheel hub

· Grease each nipple / fitting

· Check 4wd front axle oil level

· Inspect the hydraulic oil filter (300 hour mark)

· Check transmission oil level (300 hour mark)

Our nearest dealer, where we bought our tractor, is over an hour away. I usually buy the filters and oil online, and then can pick them up at the mailbox. It’s much more convenient than having to

drive to the dealer and pick everything up. And that’s if they have everything in-stock when I need it. All of the greases and oils can be sourced directly through AMSOIL, which makes it easy to shop and find what I need. The engine oil needs to be a diesel oil with API CJ-4 rating per the Mahindra manual, so two gallons of Signature Series Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil 15W-40 AMSOIL will be enough. I can also pick up a Wix #51324 Engine Oil Filter there too.

The air filter has two components to it: one filter inside of a second filter. The pre-filter, or outside filter, is a large cylinder shape. The inner filter is a smaller tube shape. Both are also available in a Wix brand, or you can cross them over to a Mann-Hummel filter also. You can buy the Mahindra brand online also, so there are plenty of options available to check which is the better deal.

The fuel filter doesn’t have a Wix crossover part number, but thankfully you can buy them off Amazon and have them shipped to your doorstep quickly.

Most of the inspection items are easy to do with a quick glance and a feel if anything is loose. You may choose to do this step after the tractor has been rinsed with some water. We’re not the greatest at keeping our tools spotless, so checking for loose fasteners while it’s muddy may cause us to miss a couple.

Greasing the hubs and nipples can be done with a good synthetic water proof bearing or multi-purpose grease that can handle the heavier loads of a tractor and keep dirt out of the bearings. AMSOIL is our go-to choice for lubrication and protection. We also like to use the AMSOIL Deluxe Grease Gun to apply the grease since the tool can be used on our trucks also. Having it multi-purpose keeps the cost down as we can use it in multiple places on the farm.

The coolant is the same as our trucks also, which makes it easy to keep just one jug of Passenger Car & Light Truck Antifreeze on the farm for everything that needs coolant. That includes the ATV and backup generator. The AMSOIL coolant can go in any of their radiators without risking corrosion or loss of protection.

The front 4wd axle needs a gear oil, which I don’t keep a lot of on the farm unless I need to change something. Have you ever smelled gear oil? It has to be one of the worst smells around. AMSOIL has their new easy-pack which makes it easy to store, and I should only need one of the SEVERE GEAR® 80W-90 just in case I need to top the axle off for fluid. I just changed the oil at the 50 hour mark for the first service, and it won’t need to be completely replaced until the 550 hour mark. The transmission also takes the same GL-4 80W-90 gear oil, and the tractor has a sight window in the case to check the level.

The hydraulic fluid should be full as I also changed the system out at the 50 hour break-in timeframe. If it needs to be topped off, AMSOIL Synthetic Tractor Hydraulic/Transmission Oil SAE 5W-30 is a perfect fit for the tractor.

Can I Decrease Maintenance Costs for my Tractor?

You might think that the cost of AMSOIL is a little more than you want to spend on your tractor. You have to remember that tractors are a big investment and a tool that can move your farm forward. Would the deal be better if you could drop the prices up to 25% off the listed retail price? You actually can with the AMSOIL Preferred Customer program. It offers up to 25% off retail pricing, free shipping on orders over $100, other bonus offers throughout the year, and it’s just $20 for a 1 year membership. If you want to order ahead of time on products, a 6-month membership is just $10. Your membership can save you some extra money that can be put in other places to make farming even more fun. It covers all AMSOIL products, so you can buy lubricants for your farm equipment, your daily driver truck, or that weekend supercar in the garage.

Keeping your tractor and farm equipment in top shape is a must if it is going to be frequently used during the year. They are quite the investment, and one of the best ways to protect your investment is keeping the fluids full with premium fluids from AMSOIL. They offer superior protection and are backed by a warranty. You probably won’t get that same guarantee from the bargain brand. If you’re not sure what maintenance strategy will work best for your tractor and farm equipment, contact us for help. Basin Motorsports is your local AMSOIL dealer, and are here to help keep your vehicles and farm equipment running smoothly. We utilize AMSOIL products extensively in our vehicles and equipment for our working 100-acre farm.

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