• canaanmanley

Let the Sanding Begin

It's finally time to begin sanding on the 1986 Ford Mustang that we're restoring at the Basin Motorsports garage. Remember that this car was drug out of a field in 2018. We then stripped it down to bare essentials, resealed the engine, had a new automatic transmission built, and completely cleaned the underside of all the oily buildup from 30 years of oil leaks.

The weather has turned cold and snowy, so the sanding will now have to take place inside the garage. We will be constructing a sanding booth inside the garage to house the car while all sanding is completed. That should contain the dust enough to keep it from covering the complete two-bay garage in dust. We'll post the details and parts used to construct the sanding booth. It will be frugally built, and also could be used as a paint booth or another purpose in the future when we tackle the Porsche 944 rebuild.