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Gadzooks Batman! I bought a Corvette Z06!

So my time with the Porsche market has expired. After spending years working on American Muscle cars, and building Japanese vehicles at an OEM level, 1980s German cars weren’t my thing. I struggled to understand the Porsche assembly method. It didn’t make a lot of sense to me. I posted both Porsche 944s for sale about a month ago and had a lot of lookers. Every day I’d get the “Is this available?” prompts from Facebook lookers on both Porsche 944s, and only had one serious looker on the Copart auction flip. He ended up passing after a week, and it took another week to find the right buyer. The right buyer ended up being stuck in Lakeview, Oregon because of his Jeep clutch going out after a good day of four-wheeling. He desperately needed a car to get back home to Lake Oswego, Oregon (about 8 hours away), but couldn’t find a rental car or a one-way U-Haul to grab. He sent me a message on Saturday asking if I could bring the Porsche 944 to Lakeview. I was already planning to go on Monday because my wife was selling rabbits to a man from Utah. I loaded up the car, and two hours after we got there I was paid and headed home. It took a little longer than expected, but he was thrilled to have it. He road tripped it home eight hours to the Portland area and can’t wait to start working on it. I sold the parts car Porsche 944 three hours later to someone locally building one. It was interesting timing to say the least.

Recently I decided to look for a Z06 Corvette. I couldn't decide between the C5 or the C6, but eventually chose to go with the C5 for the pop-up headlights and the fact that insurance would probably be less on the C5 generation. While I had both Porsche 944s for sale, I started saving C5 Corvette Z06s on CarGurus and Facebook Marketplace. This would give me an idea what was selling, for how much, etc. I was waiting for the right time to buy, and most on the internet thought the Spring of 2022 would be the best time. If you haven't noticed, prices are a bit out of control with new cars in short supply. The used Corvette market went up 40-60% this year, so finding the right car for the right price proved to be a challenge.

I looked at cars for about 2 months before finally finding what I believe is the right car. The owner was trying to move it along before Winter in Portland, Oregon showed up. He had drastically dropped the price below what the market was doing, which was around the price I wanted to pay. After talking it over with my wife, she liked the theme of the Corvette I bought and gave her blessing to go get it. It took me a week to arrange the time and day to drive up to buy it, but I can’t wait to add miles and smiles to it.

The BatVette is a 2004 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and will mostly be a fun Grand Touring cruiser that I hoped the WideFox would have been. I don't plan to modify it much because it has almost everything done by previous owners.

The drivetrain is OEM and hasn't been modified. It still retains the LS6 engine and manual T56 transaxle. The previous owner installed a new shift knob and a B&M short shifter for better feel.

On the exterior it is a base black. The original owner added blue flames to the paint, and the next owner (who I bought it from) added all the Batman accessories. You could say he is a huge fan of the Bat. I'm still deciding if I want to further the theme and add red striping to mimic the 1966 Batmobile from the TV show. Otherwise I will leave it alone. It could use some PPF on the hood and front bumper for protection, perhaps some window tint, but I have no major plans to change anything else yet.

The interior is mostly original. It only has 60,000 miles on it, and hasn't been worn much. The previous owner owned it 11 years and added just 26,000 miles. That means the original owner added about 34,000 in the first 6 years. I hope to do the same. It has a touchscreen radio with backup camera, and it's better than anything else in our other vehicle.

The biggest thing it needs is the maintenance to be caught up. 60,000 miles is about the time for a transaxle fluid change, the rear-end oil changed, engine oil, brake fluid, etc. I'll get all that switched over to AMSOIL before putting it away this Winter. I have a large box of products in the garage already, and everything will be done in the next month or so. I need to finish up aligning the doors on the ’86 Foxbody Mustang and start reassembly of it. I don’t want to have too many projects in the garage if I can help it.

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