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Cleaning Up My Widebody Mustang for Sale

My widebody Mustang that I call the #WideFox has been sitting on jackstands for months. I normally put it in the garage, prep it for storage, and it sits for around 4 months. This past weekend I rolled up the garage door and got it back in the sun.

I’ve had the car under a cover all winter. I first started by taking the cover off. It had collected some dust on the surface, but nothing that couldn’t be wiped off a little later. There were a few things that I wanted to do before taking it off the stands. First was to check for any leaks under the car, and anything that may need to be tightened. In four months, the car didn’t lose one drop of fluid. No engine oil, radiator coolant, transmission fluid, or differential gear oil. It’s hard to believe that when you know that this car was a greasy mess in 2016 when I bought it.

The second thing I wanted to check before it came off the stands was to re-torque the Maximum Motorsports Panhard bar. I installed it in 2019, and the instructions dictate that it should be checked after 1,000 miles. I don’t remember if I was around 1,000 miles yet, but I’d rather do it now and not have to worry about it later. Every fastener was tight and clicked the torque wrench on the first try. It was time to drop it off the stands.

Ok, so I decided to clean the wheels next. Clean everything you can before putting it on the ground. I took each wheel off and rolled them outside to wash. Super Clean sent me a box of products to use this year, and one of the bottles was their Wheels & Tire cleaner. The instructions on the bottle say to wet the tire, spray the cleaner on, allow it to sit a minute, scrub as needed, then rinse. Pretty simple to follow. I used the spray bottle to clean all the wheels on the car, then put each back on the car.

Once the wheels were back on, I dropped the car off the stands. I immediately torqued the Gorilla lug nuts on the car. Once that was complete, I next wiped the vinyl wrap on the car down. I recently tried Croftgate vinyl wrap cleaner and sealant, and still have plenty left in the bottle. I grabbed a microfiber towel from the cabinet, and gave the car a quick wipe down. The sun was out and doing in the sun would have been a struggle. The spray would have dried before I could have wiped it off. Doing it inside the garage was quick and easy.

With the car clean, it was time to double check the fluids in the car. Everything was full, as I suspected it would be. The last thing I wanted to do was vacuum out the interior. It was pretty cramped in the garage, so I started the car and backed it out of the garage. Once outside I just let the car run. I have an electric fan on the car, so I didn’t worry that it would overheat just running at idle. The interior was vacuumed out, the dash and windows were wiped down, and I was done. The car was ready for the year. All I need is to add some gas to the tank, and the car is ready for a show or a road rally.

I still have the WideFox for sale as of this writing. There has been some interest, but no offers I couldn’t refuse. There are three main car shows I have on my schedule for 2021, and one road rally in June. If I still have the widebody at that point, I’ll drive it to every show and event I can. Until next time….

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