Project: MEEP
(2009 Nissan Versa)

In 2009, there wasn't a NISMO option for the U.S. market Nissan Versa.  Japan had a NISMO themed Tiida option.  Nissan's Product Planning said no one would buy it if it was developed for the USDM customers.  We didn't agree, so we made our own version using Nissan's product catalog.

Project MEEP was our version of a NISMO Nissan Versa hatchback.  It featured a cold air intake from Fujita F5, B15 Sentra NISMO graphics, B15 Sentra Spec-V wheels, DC Sports cat-back exhaust, stainless steel brake lines, Tanabe NF210 lowering springs, and Continental tires.

After it was completed, it was featured in Super Street and Modified Magazine's Readers Rides sections in Spring 2012 in back-to-back months.