Project Nine Deuce Coupe

(1992 Ford Mustang LX)

The 1992 Ford Mustang LX was our return back into Foxbody Mustangs.  We searched for months on various websites including Craigslist before finding this coupe just 15 miles away on a cold Saturday morning.  It was posted less than 2 hours, and we quickly scooped it up.

We spent close to 7 months cleaning this car up.  It had a poorly shaved passenger door handle.  The interior was pretty haggard.  The rear tires were bald.  We worked night after night getting it cleaned up and ready for its maiden voyage.

After 7 months, we finally were able to drive it.  We took it down to a Cars & Coffee in March 2016.  It started to snow, and a nice family from Sacramento rear-ended it not paying attention.

After the insurance claim was settled, the complete drivetrain was removed and donated to the 1980 widebody called The WideFox.