The 1987 Porsche 944 called 'The Phoenix' will be a project initially completed in 2021.  It was purchased from a Copart insurance auction in Eugene, Oregon in November 2020.  It was listed as a "burned engine", but it was actually caught in the wildfires that leveled Phoenix, Oregon in September 2020.

The plan will be to get the car running again with the original Porsche engine and transmission before deciding the next step.  It was originally bought thinking it was going to be a shell of a car, and an aluminum block LS engine and turbo Porsche 951 transaxle would be swapped in.  I've since learned about the VW 07k 2.5L engine and a turbo kit that can push 400whp with ease.  That may be the way to go long-term, which will keep the whole build in the Volkswagen family.

The 944 will be completely vinyl wrapped to update the exterior, while the interior will be removed and refreshed.  Everything is original from 1987, so the seats and dashboard are cracked, it's dirty, and the carpets could use an update too.  This build will become the new halo car for Basin Motorsports as we transition into the P-car realm and forced induction.