87 porsche.jpg

The 1987 Porsche 944 called 'The Phoenix' was purchased from a Copart insurance auction in Eugene, Oregon in November 2020.  It was listed as a "burned engine", but it was actually caught in the wildfires that leveled Phoenix, Oregon in September 2020.

It was originally bought thinking it was going to be a shell of a car, and an aluminum block LS engine and turbo Porsche 951 transaxle would be swapped in. I also thought of adding a Volkswagen I-5 5-cylinder engine with a turbocharger if not the LS engine.  I finally have the car running, and it runs really well with the original engine and transmission.  I felt guilty about tearing this car apart.  It's too nice and still has plenty of original value.  I decided to sell it to an enthusiast that wants that Porsche feel, so it's gone to a new garage in the Portland, Oregon metro area.  The parts car that I brought home has also gone to another garage that is building an early model Porsche 944.  It will be used to save another one before being sent to the salvage yard.