The #WideFox

(1980 Ford Mustang Widebody)

The 1980 Ford Mustang known as the #WideFox was the former halo car at Basin Motorsports.  The base car was a high mileage base model featuring a 4-cylinder engine and 4-speed SROD transmission.  It was purchased off Craigslist in Bend, Oregon in April 2016.

Over the next 3 years it was stripped to a shell and completely rebuilt.  The engine bay was repainted an Aluminum silver, the air conditioning ports were shaved, and the entire car was scrubbed clean.  The car features a 1992 drivetrain and fuel system with a 5.0L EFI engine, T5 manual transmission and 8.8" rear axle.  The fuel system is also from the same car, the 1992 that was totaled in March 2016.

The exterior of the car features a 3" fiberglass widebody from Maier Racing.  After the fiberglass parts were modified and installed, the complete car was vinyl wrapped.  The interior is mostly preserved and updated in black material to mimic a standard 1980 Mustang.

The car has been featured on, CJ Pony Parts 2020 Madness contest, Haynes Manuals, Design Engineering Inc, Race Louvers, and many more websites and contests over the last 4 years.  You never know exactly where it will be shown.

The complete process is featured in a YouTube playlist of over 120 videos on our channel, plus the vinyl wrap is in a separate playlist for reference.

The car was sold in late April 2021 to another enthusiast, so you may see it online with the new owner.  If you get to see it in person, I hope you find it interesting.